See Term 1 newsletter for repertoire list

Updated 24/2/20

Concert –  We are joining with Chantal Jones’ studio to present a concert in Macedon. This is a wonderful opportunity to join with Chantal’s students  and have fun making music together. The church is famous for music concerts with good acoustics and a grand piano.

Sunday 22nd March, 3.00 pm
Church of the Resurrection
​Honour Avenue, Macedon
Rehearsal: 1.30 pm

Group lessons – see Term 1 newsletter

Thursday 27th February
Thursday 12th March

Term 2 –  Our Golden Thread by Wendy Rowlands

On Saturday 13th June, 7.00 pm, at Castlemaine Town Hall, there will be a combined string quartet and children’s choir concert featuring a new work “Our Golden Thread”. While this concert won’t feature our violin players directly, it features the string orchestra of Castlemaine Secondary College, the Castlemaine Chamber Players string quartet, and massed children’s choir.

If you are in Grades 4, 5 or 6 in a local primary school  you could sing with the choir. Or you could be in the audience!

Informal Solo Concerts
This year, from Term 2 we will have more informal solo concerts, in order to give students more performance practice in a friendly supportive environment. They will be at the same time as our regular group lessons, that is, after school on Thursdays, so there will be three Thursdays a term with after-school violin.

More repertoire
There will be more repertoire taught in addition to the core Suzuki pieces, to excite students with the wonderful range of music available to play, and to improve reading skills.