Some notes about Flipgrid –
It is a Microsoft program. It is used in some schools, not just for music but any subject. You do not need to have a Flipgrid account. All the videos that students post will be moderated by me and are hidden until I approve them. Our Flipgrid community is the Castlemaine Suzuki Violin Studio, which is private.
You will receive emails from me when I have uploaded a video. Please try to record something in reply at least once a week, short and sweet is good. If your child is a teenager and you would like me to email them directly please say so (I will copy you in the email).
Any questions about Flipgrid or how we will use it, just ask. It looks great.
There are three challenges:
  Crazy Twinkle Rhythms

  Crazy Twinkle Songs

  My Own Composition
I will record something in each category on Flipgrid, you record an answer and send it back. Later we will share some. So it’s like a group lesson in a way.
Hopefully we will learn something new and have fun with music.