June 12, 2020

We have now resumed face-to-face lessons.

Thank you for your tremendous patience and good humour which has made the Zoom and Skype lessons reliable and productive.

Some students worked so well they have progressed to the next Suzuki book, congratulations to Ruben (now in Book 3). Others are about to start the next book and are working hard towards that goal. We welcome Peggy back to the studio.

We are now nearly at the end of Term 2.

Ten lessons were included in the Term 2 fees, and there are eleven weeks in this term, and there was one public holiday on a Monday.

Therefore students with Tuesday and Wednesday lessons will finish in the week of Friday 19th June. Students who have Monday lessons, who missed a lesson on the 8th June public holiday, will finish in the week of Friday 26th June.

Term 3 starts on Monday 13th July and I expect group lessons to resume in August, we’re really looking forward to meeting up as a group again, catching up and seeing the amazing progress everyone has made.

Group lessons are on Thursday afternoons at Buda.
Book 1 students from 4.00 to 4.45 pm.
Book 2+ students from 4.30 to 5.30 pm.

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