Studio Concert Dec 1st, 2021

Enjoy listening to the solos and group items from this concert held at Buda Garden Room. Thanks to Liz Wilson, cello and John Tungyep, piano, for adding their musical talents and encouraging our students to enjoy their music.

Isabelle, Hunters’ Chorus
Dante, Twinkle Variation D & Theme
Yael, Lightly Row
Mary, Allegro
Sebastian, May Song, Allegro
Annie, Honeybee, Lightly Row, Cuckoo
Polly, May Song, Allegro
Liam, Happy Farmer
Elsie, Gavotte in G Minor, J.S.Bach
Owen, Seguidilla from Carmen, Bizet
Owen, Maria from West Side Story, Bernstein
Bibby, Concerto No 5, 3rd movt, Seitz
Frances & Liz Wilson, Themes from Der Freischutz opera, C.M. von Weber, arranged Dancla
Violin trio, Bibby, Elsie & Isabelle, Finnish Waltz
Violin group, Perpetual Motion
Violin group, May Song
Violin group, Twinkle variations & Theme

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