Suzuki Music Festival 2024

Here are some photos from the recent Suzuki Music Festival at MLC school in Kew. Congratulations to the five students from our studio who attended this year. They were Elena, Gwen, Alex, Kitty and Zoha. They participated in tutorials, repertoire classes and the final concert. We also attended lots of inspiring concerts, both solo and ensemble. Alex and Zoha played in one of the string orchestras which started at Book 2 level this year.

Next year there will not be a Festival in autumn. Instead there will be a national conference from July 8-12, 2025. This is just like a festival except there are students and teachers not only from Victoria but also from the rest of Australia and possibly overseas, please consider going.

Castlemaine students and parents at Festival
Final concert, with everyone playing Twinkle together
Elena in the viola tutorial (far right in orange top)
Book 2 orchestra, 3rd violins with Alex
Zoha has an individual lesson with Haruo Goto (Sydney teacher)
Toni Robson’s studio ensemble item
Toni helping viola students get more bow hand flexibility
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