June 12, 2020

We have now resumed face-to-face lessons.

Thank you for your tremendous patience and good humour which has made the Zoom and Skype lessons reliable and productive.

Some students worked so well they have progressed to the next Suzuki book, congratulations to Ruben (now in Book 3). Others are about to start the next book and are working hard towards that goal. We welcome Peggy back to the studio.

We are now nearly at the end of Term 2.

Ten lessons were included in the Term 2 fees, and there are eleven weeks in this term, and there was one public holiday on a Monday.

Therefore students with Tuesday and Wednesday lessons will finish in the week of Friday 19th June. Students who have Monday lessons, who missed a lesson on the 8th June public holiday, will finish in the week of Friday 26th June.

Term 3 starts on Monday 13th July and I expect group lessons to resume in August, we’re really looking forward to meeting up as a group again, catching up and seeing the amazing progress everyone has made.

Group lessons are on Thursday afternoons at Buda.
Book 1 students from 4.00 to 4.45 pm.
Book 2+ students from 4.30 to 5.30 pm.

Studio news, March 16, 2020

Skype lessons next week –  The virus news continues to change rapidly. So next week’s lessons will all be given using Skype. I will contact you this week to start the initial Skype contact, then next week each person has their lesson by Skype at their usual time.

This could come in handy in other circumstances also. For example, when you or your child have a slight illness and need to stay home but you feel well enough for a Skype lesson.

Concert –  Unfortunately the concert that was planned for Sunday 22 March is cancelled, due to the coronavirus. It will be rescheduled for a later date.

Term 2 plans, hoping that normal life resumes in time

 ‘Our Golden Thread’ by Wendy Rowlands.

On Saturday 13th June, 7.00 pm, at Castlemaine Town Hall, it is hoped that there will be a combined string quartet and children’s choir concert featuring a new work “Our Golden Thread”. While this concert won’t feature our violin players directly, it features the string orchestra of Castlemaine Secondary College, the Castlemaine Chamber Players string quartet, and massed children’s choir.

If you are in Grades 4, 5 or 6 in a local primary school  you could sing with the choir. Or you could be in the audience!

Informal Solo Concerts
This year, from Term 2 we will have more informal solo concerts, in order to give students more performance practice in a friendly supportive environment. They will be at the same time as our regular group lessons, that is, after school on Thursdays, so there will be three Thursdays a term with after-school violin.

More repertoire
There will be more repertoire taught in addition to the core Suzuki pieces, to excite students with the wonderful range of music available to play, and to improve reading skills.


Events Term 4

End of term party

Let’s finish the violin lesson year with a party!

  • DATE  Thursday 12th December
  • TIME  4.00 pm to 5.30 pm
    If you can’t come for the whole time, drop in when you can
  • PLACE  At my house
  • Snacks provided
  • Music games
  • Bring your instrument

Concert report

We had a terrific concert on 26th October at Buda garden room. Almost everyone was able to be there and each student played a solo as well as playing in many group items.

Pauline on piano and Paul on guitar were our supporting artists. For our advanced ensemble we featured gypsy jazz tunes, with some improvised solos. We also presented a version of Chopsticks that had Butterfly Twinkles in, and the ‘Baby is Sleeping’ Twinkle variation was reworked as a tango.

Solos included La Folia from Book 6 and group items included The Two Grenadiers by Robert Schumann.

A delicious afternoon tea and the garden surrounds of Buda made this a great way to celebrate the achievements of our Suzuki violin studio.

Term 4 dates

Term 4 starts Monday 7th October
Term 4 ends Friday 13th December


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